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Video Consult Dr Steven LAUREYS
144 Rue Pierreuse,
4000 Lüttich

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Dr Steven Laureys is an award-winning neurologist, recognised worldwide as a leading physician & researcher in the field of consciousness & cognition.
Appointments for a private video-consultation or second-opinion are made through this website.
Afspraken voor een privé video-consultatie neurologie gebeuren via deze site.
Les rendez-vous pour une vidéo-consultation neurologique privée ou un deuxième avis se prennent via ce site.
For other appointments / voor afspraak in andere centra / pour toute autre prise de rendez-vous : TRAINM Neuro Rehabilitation Clinics, Antwerp (+32 3 283 0223) or Centre Cerveau CHU Liège (04 323 23 23 French speaking).

Prof Laureys is renown for for his expertise in altered states of consciousness, cognitive disorders, neurorehabilitation, recovery of brain function, traumatic brain injury, concussion, coma, stroke, locked-in syndrome , vegetative state/unresponsive wakefulness, minimally conscious state and near-death experiences; but also sleeping, memory and motor disorders, chronic pain and headache, and stress related symptoms.

In over 25 years of clinical experience, he has studied neuroplasticity and the power of the mind using neuroimaging and neuromodulation techniques but also hypnosis & meditation. With his team, he has published over 540 scientific articles on the workings of the brain. You can get more info on his personal website, via his public talks, books or press articles.
Expertscape, an organization that ranks medical experts, has Prof Laureys ranked as a world-leading neurologist for the past 10 years.

Thanks for your trust and looking forward to listening to your unique story.

Ik kijk er naar uit om jouw verhaal te mogen kennen en je bij te staan in je genezingsproces. Dank je voor je vertrouwen.

Merci pour votre confiance. Je suis reconnaissant d'entendre votre histoire personnelle et de vous accompagner dans votre processus de guérison.

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  • Medical Doctor, VUB University Brussels 1993
  • M.Sc., Medical & Pharmaceutical Research, VUB University Brussels 1997
  • Qualified in Neurology, Ministry of Health, Belgium 1998
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  • Restoration of thalamocortical connectivity after recovery from persistent vegetative state. Laureys S et al Lancet. 2000 May 20;355(9217):1790-1.
  • Therapeutic interventions in patients with prolonged disorders of consciousness. Thibaut A, Schiff N, Giacino J, Laureys S, Gosseries O. Lancet Neurol. 2019 Jun;18(6):600-614.
  • Neurophysiological Biomarkers of Persistent Post-concussive Symptoms. Mortaheb S... Laureys S, Thibaut A. Front Neurol. 2021 Sep 9;12:687197.
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  • European Academy of Neurology Award for Functional Neurology 2020
  • Generet Award, King Baudouin Foundation 2019
  • Francqui Prize biological & medical sciences - Royal Belgian Academy 2017
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  • Invited Professor, CERVO Brain Centre, Laval University, Canada since 2021
  • Research Director, Belgian National Fund for Scientific Research since 2012
  • Head and Clinical Professor, Brain Centre, University Hospital of Liège since 2019
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