Questions about how to make an appointment through Doctena

Go to our homepage, and launch your search for instance by selecting the type of specialist you would like to see. Then enter your city or postal code and we will show you a bunch of different doctors which might meet your requirements.

You can then view those doctor's available appointment times, along with additional details such as education, languages etc. Just click on the appointment time of your preference and follow the short prompts to book the appointment you have just selected.

Sure, that is no problem at all and moreover it is something that many users do (parents for their children, kids for their parents etc). After selecting an appointment time, you will be asked to fill out who you are booking for, which allows you to book for somebody else then.

If you've reached a page that says, "Your appointment is booked", then rest assured, you're all set! Additionally you will also receive an email from Doctena with the details about your upcoming appointment. Shortly before your appointment we will also send you a reminder email.

Sometimes a doctor has a last-minute emergency. Doctena will then send you as soon as possible a cancellation email by default and normally the doctor's office will call you. In these rare cases, you can obviously use Doctena again in order to schedule a new appointment.

Questions about Doctena

Doctena is there to help you find doctors, dentists and other medical providers and instantly book appointments without having to call. You can book your appointment directly online through the Doctena website. The service is free for patients.

No, not at all. We here at Doctena do not offer medical services of any kind. We're just a friendly group of people who are passionate about helping you quickly and efficiently receive the great healthcare you deserve.

Yes! Using the Doctena service to make an appointment with a healthcare provider is 100 percent free. Please note that our service is completely separate from any costs associated with your visit of the healthcare provider.

No, but we are working hard on that. We strive to continually add providers to our service, in order to offer you the best possible service. The providers you can currently make appointments with, are those who have passed our qualifications and have chosen to partner with us.

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