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European Medical Center
Square Ambiorix 40,
1000 Brussel

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My consultations take place at the European medical Center at Square Ambiorix 40, some 500 m away from Rond-point Schuman. As an Orthopaedic Surgeon, I will provide you my advice and treatment proposal for your problems of the joints, bones, muscles and tendons from the neck downward, for adults as well as for children. It is important to provide me all results of examinations already done, especially of radiographic examinations. After discussing your problem, it is also important to have a thorough physical examination at the consultation, and it is only afterwards possible to suggest you treatments options, to discuss your problem to evoke prophylactic measures and to see whether any further examinations by radiology, neurology or any other specialist and to provide you with the necessary prescriptions.
For any emergency appointments, please call the reception of the European Medical Center (027280.13.42), and explain the problem (accident, treatment after surgery elsewhere, acute pain) and we try to add you to the consultation list at short message.
With a long experience in Paediatric Orthopaedics, I provide also ultrasound screening for the newborn's hip to check for hip dysplasia, which is mandatory in nearly all countries "east of Belgium", from Germany and Austria to Hungary and Slovakia.
I perform also orthopaedic interventions, which I do at the C.T.R.-Erasme hospital in Laeken.

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